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  May 10, 2023

The Power of Skills-Based Learning: Unlock Your Full Career Potential

Discover the importance of skills-based learning and how it can future-proof your career in 2023 and beyond....

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  May 05, 2023

Mia's April Buzz: Power Partners & Inspiring Moments!

What a whirlwind April has been! We have been busy creating our Mia Learning Network, building a rock-solid foundation for our learners to soar....

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  Apr 14, 2023

Embracing the AI Revolution: Adapting to the Future of Work for Al

Learn about the AI-powered future of work, the challenges it brings, and strategies to adapt and thrive by shaping this future to be inclusive and impactful for women...

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  Apr 04, 2023

Mia's First Newsletter is Out: Read Issue #1

We are thrilled to send out our first newsletter issue as Mia (Mission Impact Academy). Read about our rebrand, purpose, and programs here!...

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  Aug 13, 2022

Why the Metaverse Needs to Be a Space for Diversity and Inclusion

When building the metaverse for real people, equality isn’t just another module....

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  Jul 28, 2022

The Metaverse Is Already Here. But What Exactly Is It, and Why Does It Matter?

The metaverse is the talk of the town these days as it unlocks plenty of opportunities inside a digital world. Here’s what you need to know....

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  Jun 30, 2022

NFTs Explained: What You Need to Know About NFTs as a Beginner

NFTs Explained: What You Need to Know About NFTs as a Beginner...

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  Mar 23, 2022

'Into The Metaverse 2’ Recap– Expert Insights on Inclusivity and Digital Identity

This summit touched upon powerful ideas that are shaping the future of the Metaverse and VR, from the social aspect of gaming to mixed-reality technologies....

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