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Mia Learning Network and skills-based training programs. We offer a diverse mix of opportunities, taking place virtual and in-person around the globe.

  Jul 18, 2023

Five Days, Five AI Tools: Insights From Mia's AI Challenge

Join us on a journey of discovery through Mia's 5-Day AI Challenge. Our community members harnessed the power of AI tools like ChatGPT, Magical, and Gamma to redefine productivity and let creativity soar. Get innovative insights here!...

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  Mar 23, 2023

Launch of Mia, Mission Impact Academy

Building the skills of the future, today. Mia launches to empower women in emerging technologies...

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  Jan 18, 2023

Anupa Dasgupta – Meet Mission Impact Changemaker

I am the Co-Founder of Huddle Dao, a service designer and product lead in Web3 ventures, passionate about human behavior and inclusive community building...

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  Jan 11, 2023

Christiana Agada – Meet Mission Impact Changemaker

I am a communications professional and Master's student studying Public and International Affairs. I'm passionate about empowering voices and equipping people with the resources they need to be everything they dream of...

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  Dec 27, 2022

Tara David – Meet Mission Impact Changemaker

I’m a Web3 strategist working on projects at Deloitte and CryptoBabes that leverage technology to make a real-world impact....

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  Dec 16, 2022

Judith Nkwopara – Meet Mission Impact Changemaker

I’m the Founder of Judy Women Empowerment and Development Initiative, and it's my mission to uplift communities and empower women in the Web3 space....

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  Nov 26, 2022

Isabel Velarde – Meet the Mission Impact Changemakers

Meet the founding CEO of Innovation Hub Consulting, who uses her passion for emerging technologies to create breakthroughs in female empowerment....

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  Nov 21, 2022

Maryna Kovalenko – Meet Mission Impact Changemaker

Maryna Kovalenko – Meet Mission Impact Changemaker...

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  Nov 09, 2022

Meet the First Mission Impact Changemakers

Highlights from Mission Impact's first Web3 leadership program focused on empowering women...

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  Aug 15, 2022

The Mission Impact Pilot Leadership Program launch

The Mission Impact Pilot Leadership Program launch...

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