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  May 10, 2023

The Power of Skills-Based Learning: Unlock Your Full Career Potential

Discover the importance of skills-based learning and how it can future-proof your career in 2023 and beyond....

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  Apr 14, 2023

Embracing the AI Revolution: Adapting to the Future of Work for Al

Learn about the AI-powered future of work, the challenges it brings, and strategies to adapt and thrive by shaping this future to be inclusive and impactful for women...

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  Apr 03, 2023

Learning Economy Foundation x Mia: Joining Forces to Build the Skills of the Future

Learning Economy Foundation and Mia are proud to announce a partnership to raise awareness and build the skills of the future....

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  Mar 28, 2023

Mia Advisor Announcement: Jake Hirsch-Allen

We are thrilled to announce that Jake Hirsch-Allen has joined our team as an advisor to help us grow Mia and unlock economic opportunities for women in emerging technologies....

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  Mar 23, 2023

Launch of Mia, Mission Impact Academy

Building the skills of the future, today. Mia launches to empower women in emerging technologies...

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  Jan 24, 2023

Thank you Davos World Economic Forum week 2023!

Thank you Davos World Economic Forum week 2023!...

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  Jan 13, 2023

Mission Impact at Davos World Economic Forum week

Mission Impact at Davos World Economic Forum week...

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  Aug 03, 2022

Power of the Metaverse: Using Virtual Worlds to Make Our Real World Better

How the metaverse can be a way to transform our real world to benefit our planet, people, and communities...

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