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Discover where Mia is creating an impact by participating in global events and creating experiences in the digital and real world.

  Aug 14, 2023

Kick-Butt Confidence: Busting Myths with Melissa Stires

Discover Melissa Stires' transformative journey from self-doubt to empowerment. Dive deep into confidence myths, neuroscience insights, and embrace genuine self-belief....

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  Aug 04, 2023

Shaping Your Tech Career with Purpose: Insights From Mia's Inaugural Workshop

Explore key insights from Mia's workshop on finding purpose as a woman in tech. Discover your path and make your mark in the tech world!...

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  Jul 18, 2023

Five Days, Five AI Tools: Insights From Mia's AI Challenge

Join us on a journey of discovery through Mia's 5-Day AI Challenge. Our community members harnessed the power of AI tools like ChatGPT, Magical, and Gamma to redefine productivity and let creativity soar. Get innovative insights here!...

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  Jun 29, 2023

Cannes Lions 2023: Mia's Dive into Creative Excellence

Join us as we relive Mia's inspiring journey at Cannes Lions 2023: Pioneering dialogues on AI, inclusivity, and transformative technologies...

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  Jun 05, 2023

Riding the Digital Wave: Mia at the NTWK Summit 2023

Unravel the highlights of Mia's experience at NTWK Summit 2023 as we navigated the future of digital business in Barcelona!...

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  May 31, 2023

Mia x AURORA: Web3 Innovation in the Heart of the Nordics

Get ready for thought-provoking conversations, riveting real-world use cases, and unparalleled networking opportunities that could be your gateway to the Web3 revolution!...

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  May 30, 2023

Creating HERstory: Mia at the Women in Tech Global Summit 2023

Join Mia on a recap of their journey at the Women in Tech Global Summit 2023 in Paris. Empowerment, innovation, and progress unite!...

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  May 23, 2023

Leading with Inclusion: Unpacking the CMI Women Conference

Dive into our dynamic recap of the CMI Women Conference - a gathering of 330 esteemed delegates dedicated to driving diversity and inclusion...

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  May 18, 2023

Mia's Voyage to UK: Unleashing Impact at Innovation 4.4 Retreat

Join Mia's Co-Founders as they explore the power of impact and innovation at the historic Innovation 4.4 Family Office Retreat in the UK....

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  Apr 25, 2023

Mia team attends world leading education and technology ASU + GSV Summit

Mia team attends world leading education and technology ASU + GSV Summit...

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  Apr 18, 2023

Miami Dade College Opens AI Center in Downtown Miami

Mia Team visits MDC's AI Center, which is set to become a hub of excellence, providing students and professionals with cutting-edge resources, training, and opportunities to shape the future of AI....

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  Apr 11, 2023

Events: Mia at Women in Tech Global Summit Paris

Join us in Paris to connect with like-minded innovators and women leaders, and build a more diverse, inclusive, equitable tech ecosystem...

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